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Hi, I'm Stephen Brown and I'd like to introduce you to the copywriting secrets that helped me go from a painful and embarrassing conversion rate of 2% to all the way up to 10% conversions while shaving weeks off the time it took me to write a sales letter.

I was two weeks out from my second product launch, and had been putting off writing my sales letter for weeks. I was determined to write a better sales letter than I did for my first launch which converted at only 2%. 2-3% is the average conversion rate of an Internet sales letter. That's really low. That means out of every 100 people who see the sales letter only two will buy. I had spent months studying copywriting, but every time I sat down to start my sales letter my mind was overwhelmed. I tried writing headlines, but they were awful!

I had visions of a bigger disaster than my last launch. I would be humiliated with a 1% or less conversion rate and no one would promote my product because of my dreadful sales letter!

With time getting short I started looking for a course that would help me create a sales letter that sold, as quickly as possible.What I found was a course on writing sales letters fast created by none other than serial entrepreneur Jason Fladlien. I clicked the buy button as fast as I could and dug into the course right away. I wasn't disappointed.

As soon as I finished the course I was so inspired that I wanted to start working on my sales letter right then. I opened a new document in Microsoft Word and...

The Sales Letter Just Started Pouring Out Of Me Like I Had Turned On A Faucet!

It was as if I was possessed by the spirit of some long dead master copywriter. I less that an hour (57 minutes) I was finished. The result? Well, you've already heard that part of the story. As time went by, I found myself thinking I needed to share this course with as many struggling copywriters as I could. Unfortunately, I only had personal use rights to the course. That started me on a long, winding search for a copy I could sell to others. It took several years, but I finally managed to accomplish my goal.

So without any further delay let me hand you over to Jason Fladlien...

How to Write World Class Sales Letters in Your Head...


  • How to use the "table of contents" to create killer openers for sales letters
  • How to create impossible to ignore "hooks" that triple the readership of your copy... and more!

Dear copywriter,

My name is Jason Fladlien and I write, on average, 4 sales letters a month. I've written over 40 sales letters in the last 9 months...

And all of them Were winners.

The funny thing is... I spend less than 5 minutes on a headline... less than 5 minutes on coming up with the opening copy... and then I just "puzzle piece" together the rest of the sales letter based on whatever comes to me...

Without thinking about it!

Just recently I wrote a sales letter for a high end, $400 per person course on using WordPress. My business partner Robert Plank and I came up with the concept on a Saturday morning. We decided to launch it the following Thursday... and I didn't even think about it again until Thursday morning, 4 hours before the launch was to go live.

How'd it do? I wrote the ad in 2 hours, and it sold over 40 seats, for

a total in sales of over $16,000.

And It Was Child's Play!

I didn't lose a second of sleep on it, either.

In fact, the reason I waited until the DAY OF THE LAUNCH was because I knew I could do it without breaking a sweat. Beacuse I've done it several times before.

And you can do the same, once you say yes to this incredible offer I have lined up for you today.

4 Simple Steps For Writing Sales Letters In Your Head

The secret to my approach can be broken down into this...

  1. Getting into a "Solution Mindset" (not a "product" mindset)
  2. Coming up with the "Hook"
  3. Laying out the "flow" of the letter in my head
  4. Creating a killer opener to hook the reader

What I did was create a system for each of these things. I've just put the finishing touches on four "straight to the point" videos that walk you through each of the systems. Just watch the video, model my system and get unbelievable results.

Here's What You Get In Each Video

Video 1: Selling Solutions, NOT Products

Most copywriters kill themselves out of the gate because they don't approach writing a sales letter with the correct mindset.

They talk about writing copy for a product. Yet all the best copywriters in the world know no one sells products... they sell solutions.

If I was balding and wanted to grow my hair back, I don't care if you carved the information into a tree, chopped that tree down and sent it to me. I just want the information. The product is irrelevant.

Once you grasp this, then your whole world changes. Not only will you approach the sales letter correctly, but you'll also be able to leverage the second part of the system...

Presenting Your Solution Exactly How Your Reader Pictures It In Their Mind!

And doing so with as high of perception as possible. The goal is to make your copywriting job simple. The contents of this video will give you the ability to make your offer sound as good as selling a brand new Rolls Royce for the price of a 1979 Pontiac station wagon.

Once you do that, you can write "half-ass" copy, and it will still be successful.

Video 2: Creating Impossible To Ignore Hooks

Once you have the "ideal solution" your prospect is picturing in their mind, and know how to present it to have the highest perception of value possible, then you have to make your solution STICK OUT!

A reason most copywriters don't get high conversion rates is simply becuse their sales letters don't get read. The solution is to "suck" people in by creating hooks that are too compelling to pass on.

Then using those hooks as your headlines.

What I did is went through the most famous sales letters of all time, looking for their "hook". I found them, and isolated them, and discovered they all fall into 1 of 8 basic categories. I then created a "master hook" list that I memorized (you'll see how easy it is in this video).

Now whenever I have to come up with a hook, I just use one from the list. The result is I have something I know will leap out at my reader, grab them by the eyeballs, and suck them into reading my sales letter.

Video 3: How to Write Killer Sales Letter Openers

The hook gets their attention. The opener is what keeps it. Get them past the first 150 words of your copy, and 95% of them will read almost every word of the rest of your message.

This is a fact: David Ogilvy, perhaps probably the greatest ad man of all time, proved this with extensive research. What he found is if you can suck them into your copy and get them to read the first paragraph or two, then you've pretty much got them.

This video shows you the easiest way to come up with openers. In this case, I just consult some of the greatest fiction story tellers of all time, and look at how they start their novels. Within 5 minutes, this produces an "ah-ha" moment for me, and allows me to know how to start my copy.

The cool thing about is, if you know how, you can read almost the first page of ANY book. This video will show you how to find those books that will produce the best opening paragraph for your sales letter.

Video 4: How to Write Sales Letters In Your Head

Finally, we'll wrap it all up by showing you how to fill out the rest of the sales letter.

In reality, 90% of the work is done for you if you watch the first three videos. Once you have the "ideal solution", a great hook, and a plan for opening your sales letter, it's pretty much a lock you've got a profit-pulling sales letter.

The rest is a matter of technique - to bang out the rest of the letter to give them everything they need to know to say yes to your offer - and nothing more.

This video shows you a simple "flow" you should use for all your sales letter that will allow you to accomplish this.

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Here's why: I have a 30 day "no questions asked" guarantee. It works like this - get this package today, and spend a whole 30 days using it to your advantage. Then, at any time within those 30 days, if you are unsatisified in any way, just contact me and I'll return every penny of your purchase to you - no questions asked.