Hi, Stephen Brown here…
Tough, isn’t it?
Finding people who will buy your stuff.
And right now it’s even tougher because…
The world has changed.
You’ve probably changed along with it.
But one thing that hasn’t changed is this…
The best way to not just make money but build a real business online.
A sustainable business you can scale as far as you like for as long as you like.
One that will see you through bad times and good.
No, it’s not some crazy push-button solution (that doesn’t work).
Or some weird ‘method.’
This is how people have been building lucrative businesses for many years…
And will continue to do so.
Because it’s foolproof, failsafe and evergreen.
What is it?
Building a list.
But not just any old list – a highly engaged, responsive list of buyers.
People who will hang on your every word and then reach for their wallets…
Because they know you.
They love you.
And they trust you.
Thing is, they can’t do all of that unless they subscribe to your list in the first place…
Which is your first problem.
Because those old methods don’t work any more.
Just as there’s a whole new world right now, there’s a whole new online world too.
A world full of people who’ve seen it all before…
And probably didn’t believe it the first time.
So while everyone else in that world is telling you to rely on a landing page and a shiny lead magnet, I’m not.
For the simple reason that there are far better ways to build that list of buyers fast.
Ways that leverage what’s working right now to engage and excite people so they feel truly connected to you.
Ways that you can use not just to build that list but an entire community of loyal fans who lap up everything you do.
Thing is, anyone can build a list.
Some people can build a big list.
But very few people build the only real list that makes them money over and over.
The kind of list like that not only changed my business but my entire life.
No exaggeration.
And it can change yours too if you understand the power of what I am about to share.
Because while everyone is running around scared, terrified for their future…
You could be creating yours.
And making sure it’s a great one.
Not just your future but your present because you can get this up and running very fast.
Literally today, if you take an hour or so to go through this and then start implementing the simple steps.
Steps I follow myself every day.
That require nothing more than access to platforms we all use every day.
No complicated tech stuff or hours spent creating.
Just interacting as you do all the time with people you already like…
Because they like you.
Strike that – they LOVE you.
They love you for simply being there, connecting with them, sharing what you know and being you.
No positioning yourself as some know-all influencer type (so last year) or getting all glossy with shiny promises and even shinier pics of you (even more last year)…
Nope. Just the authentic, wonderful you who understands that it’s not working harder but working way smarter right now that wins people over.
People who are drawn to you.
Simply because you have the guts and intelligence to be you.
Have I taught this before?
We’ve never had a world like this before.
But the minute it started changing, I read the room and realized things had to change.
Specifically, the things I did had to change.
That included some of the niches I was working in although this works for just about any niche…
Except maybe those that are no longer working so well although these principles are evergreen which means that they can be applied now and long into the future.
A future that we all need to create for ourselves right now by taking control.
And this teaches you how.
So you too can get results like mine.
By using…

List Magician

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